About Bianco Profumo™

Good Art is Good Business

Bianco Profumo creates unisex fragrances inspired by growing up Italian-American, our hometown Chicago, and the aesthetics of the 1980s & 1990s. 

Our fragrances are designed by us - a father and son duo who have always had a passion for fragrance. With further refinement by Carlos Huber of Arquiste & the perfumery expertise of Christine Hassan of Givaudan, we have created exciting unisex fragrances that mash up the past and present so you can decide your future. 

We do it big. Our hair is perfectly spritzed into place, we speak ten decibels louder than everyone else, we’re the life of every party, and we smell f**king terrific.

Bianco Profumo fragrances use a combination of natural and synthetic molecules that follow all up to date safety and environmental regulations and recommendations.