Bianco Profumo's Neroli Pomodoro Featured in GQ!

Bianco Profumo's Neroli Pomodoro Featured in GQ!

Oops!...we did it again. GQ's Adam Hurly has given us a glowing review and included us among some more of the greats in his musk recommendations.

Neroli is one our favorite scents. It's classic, clean, and timeless. Kinda like us! :) Neroli is an oil extracted by steam from the bitter orange tree blossoms. It was originally made popular by Anne Marie Orsini, duchess of Bracciano and princess of Nerola, Italy in the late 17th Century who used the oil to add fragrance to her gloves and bath.

Combined with the Italian-American staples of the tomato plant and basil, neroli has found a new life in our Neroli Pomodoro that's exciting, new, fresh, but still familiar.

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