Bianco Profumo Now Available at Chicago's Merz Apothecary!

Bianco Profumo Now Available at Chicago's Merz Apothecary!

Attention family! Bianco Profumo, us – the masterminds behind the intoxicating scents of Remix, Neroli Pomodoro, and Cherry Leather – have just landed at Chicago's legendary Merz Apothecary. And let us tell you, this is a match made in fragrance heaven!

Why Merz Apothecary?

Let's take a moment to appreciate the historical gem that is Merz Apothecary. Established in 1875, this iconic apothecary is a must-shop destination for Chicagoans seeking the best products from herbal remedies, traditional formulas, skin care, and of course, fragrance. 

Merz has become the epitome of fragrance expertise. With their extensive knowledge and impeccable taste, they have curated a collection that is second to none. The Shops at Merz is a world of olfactory wonders with a staff that is passionate about fragrances.

When we visited Merz to show off our fragrances, they were an instant hit with the staff and the staff were an instant hit with us. We couldn't be more thrilled to have such a historic store with even better staff showcasing our fragrances to other local Chicagoans.


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